Hygienic clean toilets
And so much more

News 201112 Dijon Courant V01

Based on our service offering to over 46 million visitors per year, we believe we can safely say that nowadays visitors need and expect more from paid public toilets than just hygienic clean, although this is still a steep mountain to climb for many less experienced providers of paid public toilets.

It is one of the reasons why 2theloo has introduced the concept of ‘toilet boutiques’.
Locations where our staff can operate as true hosts for i.e. railway travellers. Toilet attendant is no longer just a cleaning job, it’s about being a host to our customers and providing them with that all important little moment of destress they need, when rushing on their way to their work or the next train.

The high quality of service is warmly welcomed by visitors who most of the time thank the team for the quality delivered with a very high customer satisfaction rate of 90-95%. As one article recently in the newspaper pointed out that our Dijon location is one of these ‘toilet boutiques’ and our staff can proudly say that they run one of the best locations in the country.

This of course means  happy customers, but also happy employees and it underlines the strategy of 2theloo to develop our locations into places people really ‘want-to-go’ instead of ‘need-to-go’.


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