When the going gets tough…
…we take care of the ‘tough ones’

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When France experienced its first lockdown due to COVID-19, unfortunately all 2theloo facilities had to go into lockdown too. Then when COVID-19 was at its highest peaks, the French government had to decide to use trains to safely transport patients to less crowded hospitals all over France. An enormous logistic operation for our partner SNCF and one with major challenges for all healthcare people accompanying these very sick patients.

In close cooperation with SNCF, we have been able to restart our operations in a number of important stations like Paris Gare de Lyon, Nancy, Rennes and Paris Austerlitz. This restart enabled us to provide clean toilet facilities for all the healthcare personnel involved. We made sure they could safely use our facilities and handed out some refreshments to encourage these ‘tough ones’ to keep up this important work.

Every day after closing hours, our sites were cleaned even more thoroughly than would normally already be the case, just to make it safe for all to use them again the next day. We are thankful that we could deliver a small contribution to managing the consequences of the outbreak of COVID-19 and we are proud of our staff who made it possible.

For 2theloo being there when the going gets tough comes natural, as we believe this is what true partnership is all about! In good times and in bad times, we want to make it happen.

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