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Where we come from… and where we’re heading to

Redefining the public toilet. Again.

Our visitors live and work differently than 10 years ago. Our society has changed with a strong emphasis on hygiene and environmental impact. The demands for a toilet concept are simply not the same as when we introduced our concept almost 10 years ago.
Visitors want to experience a hygienic clean, comfortable and personal restroom, with the lowest possible impact on the environment. Visit after visit. Exactly what our concept has to offer.

Over time the demands of our business partners change as well. As businesses evolve, partners expect the most reliable and efficient operation and more than ever realise that the customer journey is the important basis for mutual endeavours to make visitors come back more often, stay longer and spend more.

The unique combination of excellent operations and a drive to continuously innovate the customer journey is where 2theloo creates a distinct advantage and connects it to 10 years of hands-on experience.

As European market leaders with over 46 millions visitors each year, we’re on a mission to create an innovative, inclusive and hygienic clean toilet experience for everyone. An experience where visitors really want-to-come and even love-to-be.

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Our history

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1st 2theloo

We redefined the public toilet. The first 2theloo was opened in 2010 on the Kalverstraat, Amsterdam as a one-in-a-kind toilet-store which delivered us the ING Retail Prize for Best Start-Up. After Amsterdam several new locations followed in the Netherlands and Belgium.

year 1

Global partnership with Shell

A real acceleration thanks to a global partnership with Shell for numerous locations along the highways in multiple countries throughout Europe. Including a 2theloo on the worldwide largest Shell station in Berchem.

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About 05 Point Wc 201019

Incorporating Point WC in Paris

In 2014 we entered the French market by acquiring the high-end Parisian brand of PointWC. Offering our service on world famous touristic hotspots like Champs Elysées, Sacre Coeur, Carrousel du Louvre, Notre-Dame and Arc de Triomphe.

Partnering with Total

Further expansion with opening 28 sites for Total, the market leader along Belgium highways.

About 06 Total 201019
About 07 Gdlyon 201027

2theloo by train – Gare du Lyon the 100th 2theloo

We expanded our service to train stations by partnering with SNCF in France and ADIF in Spain. Currently offering high quality public toilets to over 14 million train travellers per year.

Opening doors in Covent Garden

We crossed the pond and opened our first location in the UK at Covent Garden, one of London’s hottest luxury shopping destination. Now Londoners can shop till they… need to go.

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About 09 Celebrate 201026

Celebrate success

As always, we celebrate our success in style; for the opening of the renewed Notre Dame site the full international 2theloo team raved in the Paris underground!

visitors in 2019
and counting!

Market leader with clear ambitions

Now it’s 2020 and we are about to open our new locations at Gare du Nord in Paris, one of the largest stations in Europe with more than 250 million visitors annually. And our new design is ready for business….we can’t wait!

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