Driven by you

The combination of our 10 years of experience and the feedback you give us helps us to understand your needs and wants. With an average customer approval rate of 8+, we trust that you come more often and stay longer to enjoy our 2theloo experience.

The essentials, all-in-one

When you see our signage, you know it is no longer need-to-go but want-to-go. With over 200 locations and a customer approval of 8+, you are well aware that 2theloo offers the nicest, cleanest and most relaxing toilet-facilities out of home. Providing for every human need thinkable. We believe our 46+ million visits in 2019 alone are strong evidence of our capabilities.

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Hygienic clean toilets
Designed for every need

A multi-sensory toilet concept with a fully touch-free experience. Designed for the needs and wishes of today’s visitors and fine-tuned from over 46 million visits in 2019 alone.
Anti-bacterial solid surface washbasins and non-porous materials, all underline the clean, hygienic experience.

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Inclusive to all
We are here for you

Our concept offers everything from hygienic clean toilet rooms to a family room, a nursery, a toilet with easy wheelchair access and make-up areas. Inclusivity is simply key to us.

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Safe and private
Feel welcome, without stress

Our concept is friendly in its layout and has a distinct stress-free feel to it. It ensures that all visitors feel safe and welcome. Yet the true difference is in the details. Checking yourself and your clothing before leaving the premises is a thoughtful service That’s why our mirrors come integrated with magnifying mirrors and an all in one modular set-up to ensure the privacy you desire in these moments.

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Human care
Assistance when wanted

Many of our 2theloos have specially trained staff at hand to welcome you and assist you with any question you might have.
At some major locations we offer special retail items which you might need on your journey but forgot to take from home. From facemasks to hand gels and from tissues to creams. Everything to take care of your needs.

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Lowering our impact
Taking care of our environment

We are well aware of our role and responsibility. Therefore, we are continuously innovating our concept to keep reducing the impact we have. That’s why our faucets use 35% less water, our dispensers 37% less paper towels and our new lighting system saves 49% in energy usage. Steps are underway to further reduce the impact of our cleaning methods.

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A pure moment of bliss
For you and everyone

Everything we do at 2theloo is aimed at delivering your moment of bliss.
That moment of joy when you leave our facilities and you can only smile at the experience you just had. We do hope that the little facts and figures from Mother Nature helped in this respect. And for sure, we don’t mind if you pass that message on to your friends and families. We want to be there for them too, providing them a moment of joy as well. Can we do more? Don’t hesitate to tell us. We are here for you.

You’re welcome at 2theloo here