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If you have a question, need some information, or have some troubles, please send us a message and we are there to help you. Also when you just like to say hi, don’t be shy! We always try to give you a swift response, if you use this form someone is looking forward to meeting you and helping you out.

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Contact form

Our offices have a toilet too

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Jan Evertsenstraat 759
1061 XZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T + 31 85 01 61 222

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13 rue Riblette
75 020 Paris
T +33 1 42 80 26 48

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Plaza Urquinaona 6, Pl. 17
Pta. D08010 Barcelona
 T +34 93 41 26 655


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Our voucher

How does the voucher work?
You can use one voucher per product to get a discount in our 2theloo shops or on a product in our partners’ shop. There are a few exceptions like fuel, tobacco, phone credit, magazines, books, self-service vending machines and medicines.

Where can I use the 2theloo voucher?
You can use the voucher at the location where you got it to get a discount. In case of a toilet visit at one of our partners (Shell, Total, SNCF, ADIF) you can also use it in one of their other locations with a 2theloo. 

How long is my voucher valid?
The voucher is valid for three months after the date of issue and is not refundable for money.

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Lost and found

I lost something in a 2theloo, how do I get it back?
Did you lose personal belongings in a 2theloo on one of our partner locations (Shell, Total, SNCF, ADIF). Please try to contact them directly, they collect lost items themselves. If this doesn’t work out or you lost something in another 2theloo you can get in touch through info@2theloo.com. Please let us know as much as possible: what did you lose, description of the item, which location, what time, etc.

I found something in a 2theloo, what do I do?
Thank you for your help! Please give the item to the 2theloo staff or the site manager of the location you are at. Your fellow 2theloo visitor will be very thankful to get their belongings back. Did you already leave the location, please contact us at info@2theloo.com.

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Compliment or complaint

I have a complaint or suggestion, who can help me?
If you have a complaint, please contact the staff (of our partner) on site, maybe they can help you right away. You can also contact us through info@2theloo.com. The more information you have on your complaint or suggestion the better we can help you with a solution, for example date, time, location and if possible a picture.

I really liked my toilet visit at your location, who do I tell?
We always like to get a compliment, but please feel free to tell your friends and family as well! You can contact us through info@2theloo.com.