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Believe it or not, but we didn’t become the market leader in public toilets overnight. The story of 2theloo began in 2009, when one of our founders went on a family holiday to Bruges, in Belgium – a popular tourist destination, but he couldn’t find a decent public toilet anywhere. He noticed that even in some bigger cities, hygienic toilet facilities are often hard to find. That is how the 2theloo concept was born. Soon afterwards, in 2011, the first ‘toilet shop’ opened in Kalverstraat, one of Amsterdam’s busiest shopping streets. But it didn’t stop there: partnerships with Shell, Total, SNCF and ADIF soon followed. Our presence increased rapidly, and now you can use 2theloo facilities at more than 200 locations in twelve different countries.

What we do?

The name tells you pretty much everything you need to know: at 2theloo, you can use the toilet. But not just any toilet – ours are always clean (something we can guarantee thanks to our partner Essity’s cleaning products). Because as far as we’re concerned, hygiene always comes first. It is also our mission to provide you with a high-quality experience, and customer satisfaction is high on our list of priorities. Every so often, we ask our visitors how they found their experience at 2theloo, and we use the feedback for new locations. Because we want every toilet visit to be a great experience.

Opening times

Our opening times vary at each location. Check out your location on the map to avoid disappointment. Because the last thing you want is to get caught short.


2theloo started with one ‘toilet shop’ in Amsterdam’s Kalverstraat, but now you can find us at many more locations. Are you looking for a public toilet on your route? You can find us in train stations, at petrol stations along various (international) motorways, in shopping centres and at city centre locations. With over 200 locations, there’s always a clean 2theloo toilet nearby – take a look at the map. In the last ten years, we have established locations in nine countries:

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary

Payment Method

You will always find a clean and hygienic toilet at 2theloo thanks to our dedicated staff. Because we want to pay them a fair wage, we ask our visitors for a small contribution. You can pay in cash or use your debit card or mobile telephone. In return, you will get a hygienic toilet visit – and a smile. And last but not least, you’ll also get a discount voucher! With the voucher you’ll receive discounts on a specific retail assortment or at retail partners in the area.


Everyone should be able to use our facilities. And we really do mean everyone. Young people? Yes! Elderly people? Of course! People with limited mobility? Certainly! Parents with babies? No problem! Parents with young children? Naturally!

We do everything we can to make sure everyone feels welcome at 2theloo, which includes making all our locations fully accessible. Disabled people and wheelchair users can use our specially equipped facilities with wide access, a lower washbasin and toilet, and rails for extra support. You will also find facilities for changing nappies at every location. And 2theloo is completely free for young children.

Hygiene & COVID-19

When you’re on the road and you need to use the toilet, the most important thing is that it’s clean, right? We think so too. Hygiene has been our main focus since day one, and especially since the pandemic.

At 2theloo, you can flush and turn on the taps using motion sensors. This prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses, and helps to keep our locations clean. To maintain this high standard of hygiene, our toilets are cleaned thoroughly several times a day by our skilled staff, using high-quality products. Toilet paper, cleaning products, hand soap and much more are supplied by our partner and supplier Essity, the international hygiene and health company.


Would you like to know more? Want to leave us some advice, feedback or a compliment? We’re always happy to hear from you!

You can email us at contact@2theloo.com or use our contact form. Don’t forget to fill in the subject line, so that it ends up in the right department.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Lost & Found

Did you leave something in the toilet? Oh, shit! Actually, there’s no need for foul language, because we’re here to help! Here’s how to find your property again as quickly as possible.

Work out where you think you lost the item.

  • If it was at one of our partner locations (Shell, Total Energies, SNCF or ADIF), it’s best to contact their lost and found directly.
  • If you think you left your item at one of our own locations, or if you’re unable to contact the partner location, please contact us at info@2theloo.com. Please help us to help you by including as many details as possible in your message: a detailed description of the item, where you think you lost it and when. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Have you found an item that belongs to somebody else? Please give it to the staff at that location. They will keep it safe until the rightful owner contacts us.

Voucher Conditions

You will get a discount voucher every time you visit a 2theloo location. That means you can make big savings on products, whether it’s a cup of coffee at the kiosk, hand sanitizer or a deodorant from one of our 2theloo vending machines. One thing to note: the voucher cannot be used for fuel, tobacco products, prepaid mobile credit, magazines, books, and medicines. Discover all specific voucher discount deals and related conditions at this page.

Suggestions, feedback and compliments

Do you have any suggestions or feedback to help us make your next visit even more pleasant? Or do you have an urgent question? Customer satisfaction is a top priority for 2theloo, so please let us know what’s on your mind. Positive feedback is very welcome too, of course. Send an email to info@2theloo.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!


2theloo has been the permanent partner of Shell, Total, the French Railways [SNCF], ADIF, the Belgian Railways [NMSB], Kléppiere and others for many years. By working together we can offer more people a hygienic and even a little fun toilet experience, no matter where they are.

Partnerships are very important to us and we invest a great deal of time nurturing these relationships. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for new partnerships – quite the contrary! If you sense a great opportunity for collaboration, let us know at info@2theloo.com.

We’re always looking for new colleagues to work at our locations. Would you like to offer our visitors a pleasant experience and do you see 2theloo as the perfect new workplace for you? Send your CV to jobs@2theloo.com. We look forward to meeting you!