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A service concept with benefits for all

Increase the health and wellbeing of your visitors while transforming your toilet facility into a profit centre.

2theloo knows how

A distinctive toilet concept requires a strong combination of a multi-sensory design to surprise and delight your customers as well as an easy day-to-day operation which is continuously innovated. Innovation that’s aimed at reducing labour costs, maintenance and with increased uptime.
It’s what we’ve done 365 days per year, for the past 10 years. Our concepts are tried and tested for people travelling (via rail or road) or with more time to spend (tourist/shopping locations). We operate as a partner but are also open to offer our services as part of a strategic alliance.

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Easy, fast and clean toilets

Customers want stress-free hygienic cleanliness on the go. Easy access with all possible payment methods is crucial. A vital combination when done right it will inspire customers to come back more often, stay longer and spend more.

However, no one size fits all. That’s why our concept can be adapted to any customer segment, including families with small children, wheelchair access and specific attention for visitors with health-related problems. Our vouchers can function as an essential part of the customer journey of our partners.

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A stress-free experience

Our facilities are often found at travel hotspots where our concept forms an integrated part of the total offering to travellers. These locations have additional requirements to deliver true customer care by a trained staff.

With our voucher system we can provide additional services to your travellers.

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Hygienic clean in a relaxed environment

2theloos can also be found at shopping locations or hospitality hubs where customers generally spend more time. Next to a hygienic clean toilet experience, these locations need to offer the highest level of care via well-trained staff, a relaxed lounge area and site-specific retail offerings. All aimed at delivering on our promise of a true moment of destress.

Our voucher system functions as an additional impulse for businesses in the vicinity of our locations, bringing additional value to and via our visitors.

Open for strategic partnerships

There are more opportunities to integrate our toilet concept and enhance a public domain into a well-being and well-feeling environment. From municipalities taking good care of their visitors (and citizens), to specific sites where a toilet facility is a must have. For these, and many others, 2theloo offers an overall experience. With many different layouts and service approaches. Just challenge us!

Want to discuss your needs?

Each and every location has its own specific needs, and we’re happy to discuss these with you to find the right solution. Just challenge us.

The key to success is in the operation

Operational excellence is the core of our service, and a complex process we’ve fine-tuned over a decade of hands-on experience. Remote monitoring of hardware is the next step in preventive maintenance to ensure the uptime of our facilities. Uptime is the reason why our field support organisation is hybrid-built: our own (repair) technicians combined with the service operation of our A-brand suppliers.

Data is becoming another key component. We run three distinctive programs to make our operations truly excel whilst at the same time reduce our impact on the environment.

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Predictive data for reducing labour costs

Our smart program monitors real-time usage and customer ratings of the facilities. These ratings not only increase overall customer satisfaction but also provide each location with the smart tooling dashboard to optimise cleaning rosters and reduce labour costs.
Over time, it can give good predictions on the uptime of individual units, thereby further optimising cleaning processes.

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Data to improve uptime

Being available at a moment’s notice to fix problems is one thing, making sure that they don’t have to happen is a completely different thing. Therefore, we use our smart2service dashboard to remotely monitor our hardware, building a solid base for preventive maintenance and continuous improvement of our hardware. Reducing downtime and improving SLA scores.

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Taking care of all. Including Mother Nature

Awareness of the impact we have on the environment is a crucial element of our operations. Together with our partners, we are continuously innovating for smart ways to reduce your and our impact. That’s why our faucets use 35% less water, our dispensers 37% less paper towels and our new lighting system saves 49% in energy usage. That way we can keep everything clean, including Mother Earth.

A solution for every size location

Our concept offers everything your locations may need in terms of paid toilet services. As every situation requires a different set-up depending on size, number of visitors and the business case, our design is completely modular and can be fitted in almost all size locations, with each element enhancing the hygienic, clean and relaxing feel. We have existing solutions from 25m2 to well over 200m2 but we can develop this even further together.

Our basis is a paid toilet concept with revenue share. A great starting point from which together we can grow the revenue stream. But dedicated partnership can also involve a discussion on alternative models of cooperation for markets or situations where our primary business model seems less applicable, i.e. in countries where paid toilet services are less common or legally not allowed.