Premium Toilet Concept

2theloo’s Premium Toilet Concept provides our partners to serve their customers even better. The concept consists of a range of high-quality toilet facilities including toilet rooms, washbasins, baby-changing counters and vending machines. In such a manner that it offers a suitable solution for any location or context, from 25 m2 to well over 200 m2.


Our Premium Toilet Concept is able to accommodate the needs and preferences of almost any visitor. But, it’s the everyday experience that matters the most. Instant customer feedback is collected and combined with visitor numbers to notify our partners exactly when cleaning is required. We also use three distinctive data-driven programmes to ensure that our operation truly excels in terms of cleanliness, uptime and labour costs.

Additionally, our concept is friendly in its layout and has a distinctly stress-free feel to it, ensuring that all visitors feel safe and welcome. But the true difference is in the details. Helping visitors to check their appearance and clothing before they leave is a thoughtful touch. Our mirrors come with built-in magnifiers and an all-in-one modular set-up to ensure the privacy that visitors prefer at such moments.

Ultimately, our concept provides for every possible facility, from clean and hygienic toilet rooms to a family room, a nursery, a toilet with easy wheelchair access and make-up areas. Because for us, inclusivity is key.

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