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Smart Turnstile

In addition to high-quality toilets, we also supply smart entrance solutions. These high-tech turnstiles can be fully adapted to your wishes. This enables you to grant your customers paid access seamlessly. With additional possibilities, such as customised promotions, loyalty programs and vouchers deal the turnstile becomes even more unique.

These entrance solutions are easy to integrate into the digital customer journey, for example, using a (digital) voucher.

Vouchers and promotions can be customized for your range of products. Thanks to force of habit and possibly the incentive of a discount at checkout, you can easily increase the number of purchases made.

The turnstiles have been designed to fit into 2theloo’s service model, which is based on maximising uptime. This means short repair and maintenance times, so that your customers can enjoy the service they expect as quickly as possible.

Vouchers and promotions at the turnstiles can be fully customised to reflect your range of products.
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Technical Specifications

These turnstiles are implemented at all state highway gas stations of Shell Netherlands
  • Sustainability: our turnstiles are made from reusable materials such as stainless steel. The upper unit can be mounted on a DormKaba Easy Entrance frame.
  • Customer experience: vouchers and promotions at the turnstiles can be fully customised to reflect your range of products.
  • Design: our turnstiles are designed to seamlessly blend into their environment. They have been designed to feature curves, rounded shapes and natural light.

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