Standalone Toilet

There is increasing demand for high-quality toilet facilities at more and more locations, such as fast-charging sites for EVs. With our premium stand-alone toilet concept, you can give your customers the level of quality they expect. Developed in collaboration with our partner Selecta, the concept includes two full toilet facilities and a vending machine, with the option of advertising. The concept is modular, so beyond that, you can add anything you like: additional toilets, F&B facilities or a relaxing lounge area.


The modular toilet concept enables you to give your customers the full range of facilities they might need while they are on the road. That could include a meeting room or clean shower facilities for those making a longer journey. By offering people high-quality, clean and hygienic toilet facilities in remote locations, you can improve their experience at your location, making it a place they want to visit again. People will also share their positive experiences with other travellers, ultimately leading to higher visitor numbers and revenues.

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