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Providing a great customer experience means everything, and that includes a clean, comfortable and relaxed toilet visit. We can help you provide exactly that.

We noticed that even in the bigger cities, hygienic toilet facilities are often hard to find. That’s what inspired us to start 2theloo in 2011. We opened our first toilet shop in Amsterdam’s Kalverstraat. That experience taught us a lot, and gave us the strength to become a market leader. Now, with over 200 locations in twelve countries, we help our partners to provide the ultimate toilet experience for customers and visitors – whether it’s in a shopping centre, on the road or at a train station.

With a wide range of products and full service, we are determined to take a step closer to achieving our mission every day: clean, comfortable and relaxed toilet visits for everybody. All our products can be mixed and matched to provide the perfect combination for every location. We can provide modular toilets and turnstiles: everything you need to take your location to the next level.

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