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Chris Meijers
Chris Meijers, our go-to CEO, guides the ship with a cool vibe, making big moves in the business world.
Rick Wiersma
Meet Rick Wiersma, our down-to-earth Fieldcoach, guiding the team with practical wisdom and a dash of enthusiasm, turning challenges into opportunities for growth.
Martin Kromdijk
Our Repair and Maintenance Coordinator, is the hands-on hero ensuring every nut and bolt is in its place, keeping our operations running like a well-oiled machine.
Michiel Hofmeester
Michiel Hofmeester, our Program Manager, is the mastermind behind the scenes, weaving together the threads of our projects into a cohesive and successful tapestry.
Niels Sijtsma

Niels Sijtsma, our New Business Manager, brings valuable experience and strategic insight to our team. Niels has a track record of effective leadership in various industries. We're excited to have him on board to drive growth and enhance our organisational performance.

Freek van der Velden
Freek van der Velden, our Head of Building and Construction, oversees the heavy lifting, making sure our structures stand tall and strong.
Wouter de Koning

Wouter de Koning, our COO, is the dynamic force, making everything run smooth and sound.

Joline Kuijt

Meet our Head of People and Culture, Joline, a dynamic and visionary leader driving positive organisational change and fostering a thriving work culture. With an extensive background in human resources and a passion for cultivating talent, Joline brings a wealth of experience to our team.

Koen Theeuwes
Koen Theeuwes, our business whiz, is all about making connections and finding new gigs to keep us growing.
Rick van Dijk
Rick van Dijk, our Formula & Project Manager for Building & Construction, is the architect behind turning ideas into reality, building the future one project at a time.
Sander van Scherpenseel
Sander van Scherpenseel, our Head of Repair and Maintenance. He is the typical R&M maestro that keeps everything ticking smoothly, ensuring our gears are always in top-notch shape.
William Viveen
Introducing William Viveen, our IT Manager. With a decade of expertise, he leads our tech team with precision, ensuring top-notch digital infrastructure. William's strategic vision and clear communication keep us ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape.
Marjolein Witte
Marjolein Witte, our HR/Office Coordinator, is the heartbeat of our team, seamlessly managing the human side of things and keeping the office vibes positive and productive.
Gerald ter Horst
Meet Gerald ter Horst, the money guy as our CFO, keeping the cash flow steady and making sure we're all good on the financial front.
Michiel Stock
Michiel Stock, the marketing virtuoso at 2theloo! With a knack for turning ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences, he's the architect behind the brand's captivating narratives.
Thierry Gallo de Haro
Meet Thierry Gallo de Haro, our Operations Maestro in Belgium, conducting efficiency with a symphony of strategic charm!
Vincent Herfst
Vincent Herfst, the operations guru, keeps the daily grind in check, making sure everything's running like clockwork.
Enoch Essemiah
Enoch Essemiah, our Finance and Payroll Administrator, is the numbers whiz, crunching figures and keeping the financial gears turning smoothly.
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