Whenever you need to go, we are here for you!

2theloo delivers a relaxed, hygienic clean toilet experience.
A place where needs-to-go becomes wants-to-go. Visit after visit.

Customers come back for the experience

We know a thing or two about a paid toilet experience that is hygienic clean, stress-free for your customers and profitable for you. We are European market leader with 200+ locations in 12 countries, over 46 million visitors yearly and a visitor satisfaction score of 8.0 or higher. Your customers’ needs, wants and expectations are the basis for our multi-sensory concept. Each modular element enhances the clean, healthy and comfortable feel and will surprise and delight your customers. Every visit!

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New design
The new 2theloo

We redesigned the public toilet. Again!
We’ve taken our 10 years of experience and built an even better, healthier and cleaner experience in line with changing needs and wishes. That’s also why we’re introducing a reassuring green logo…

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Hygienic clean
46+ million visitors taught us cleanliness

With the experience of looking after 46+ million visitors a year, 2theloo is geared towards today’s hygiene needs. Not porous, no seams, no sealant and no grout all underline the hygienic feeling. Especially welcome in times when hygiene is crucial: a fully touch-free experience.

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For every location

Our toilet concept is completely modular to fit every location, from 25m2 to well over 200 m2. It has all the elements your customers need and want. Next to toilets and washbasins we can provide make-up corners, showers and obviously an inspiring and comfortable waiting area. Artwork with clever, fun facts from Mother Nature helps put a smile on your customers’ faces and can be easily adapted to suit local features or needs.

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Operational excellence
Operation excellence defined by people and data

Operational excellence is at the core of our service and has been fine-tuned over a decade of hands-on experience. It has given us great insights in what works well and what to avoid. It is why our organisation is hybrid built; our own (repair) technicians together with the service operations of our A-brand partners. A model which we can further fine-tune to your (local) demands. Additionally, our use of smart sensors provides new major steps in preventive maintenance to guarantee an increased uptime.

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Customer satisfaction
Driven by our customers

In our new concept the needs and wants of almost any visitor have been taken into account. But it’s the day to day experience that matters most. Instant customer feedback is gathered and combined with the visitor numbers to directly notify our partners of the need for cleaning. Additionally, we run three distinctive data-driven programs to make our operation truly excel in terms of cleanliness, uptime and labour costs. With an average rating of 8+ from our customers we know we are on the right track to make them come back more often!

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At your location
Working with 2theloo

With over 200 2theloos in Europe, we have a number of options ready for business. Irrespective of whether your locations are catering to visitors on-the-go or are more tourist/hospitality-driven, we understand how to operate facilities to become real profit centres for you. But feel free to challenge us. We will deliver a visual solution of your specific location supported with the first draft of a business case.

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