Toilet Concept

Would you like to offer your visitors clean, comfortable and relaxed toilet facilities. Well, that’s exactly what we aim to provide. With over a decade of experience, we have achieved a position as market leader.

Our toilet facilities are accessible to everybody and made from high-quality, reusable materials. The design enhances the relaxed atmosphere at our locations. Together, we can take the visitor experience at your location to the next level.

Our products are designed to give your customers the ultimate toilet experience. We regularly carry out customer satisfaction surveys to find ways of improving and optimising our services, and this has enabled us to achieve and maintain our position as market leader.

Ultimately, our range of facilities and services help our partners to serve their customers even better.

Our concept explained

2theloo’s Premium Toilet Concept consists of a suite of high-quality toilet facilities including toilets, washbasins, baby-changing counters and vending machines. It offers an appropriate solution for every location or context.

In addition to premium, we can also provide sanitary solutions for fast-charging sites for EVs with our Premium Standalone Toilet Concept. Our stand-alone concept is modular, so that it can be fully tailored to the needs and preferences of our partners. Flexibility is important to us, so these facilities can be installed at any conceivable location. The basics are two toilet facilities and a vending machine that can be used for advertising. Beyond that, anything is possible: additional toilets, F&B facilities or a relaxing lounge area.

2theloo’s Easy Access Smart Turnstiles have been developed in collaboration with market leader TSG to give visitors the easiest possible visit. They accept various payment options (including cash, debit card or mobile phone payments). Customised promotions and vouchers are also possible. To complete the customer experience, the turnstiles can even be integrated into the digital customer journey.



The story of 2theloo began in 2009, when one of our founders went on a family holiday to Bruges, in Belgium – a popular tourist destination, but he couldn’t find a decent public toilet anywhere. He noticed that even in some bigger cities, hygienic toilet facilities were often hard to find. That’s how the 2theloo concept was born. Soon afterwards, in 2011, the first ‘toilet shop’ opened in Kalverstraat, one of Amsterdam’s busiest shopping streets. But it didn’t stop there: partnerships with Shell, Total Energies, SNCF and ADIF soon followed. Our presence increased rapidly, and now you can use 2theloo facilities at more than 200 locations in twelve different countries.

What we do

To put it simply, 2theloo designs, builds and operates clean and hygienic public toilets. As a partner, we will design and build a toilet facility that suits your space, using high-quality, reusable materials, and we will also oversee the installation of those facilities.

On top of that, we offer a cleaning and service package for all our facilities. For many of our partners, our skilled staff ensure a pleasant and clean experience for visitors.

How are the facilities installed?

At 2theloo, we do everything we can to make the process of installing the toilets as smooth as possible. We draw up a plan together with the client at the start of the project, including realistic deadlines. Then we contact our trusted, regular partners. Before we start work, we will check the location together. That helps us to make sure that all your requirements are taken into account.

Who is responsible for the facilities?

As your partner in the field of clean and hygienic public toilets, we are responsible for maximising uptime and timely repairs within 24 hours. We can also manage the cleaning for you – or you can choose to manage it yourself, of course.

How long does it take to install the toilets?

We have over a decade of experience and have already installed many toilet concepts, including for our partners Shell, Total, Adif and SNCF. Because every location requires a different approach based on the desired package, the number of toilets and the deadlines set, there is no standard answer to this answer. However, we will be able to tell you more once we hear a little more about your requirements. So why not give us a call on 085 01 61 222, or visit our office in Amsterdam. You can make an appointment with us here.

Partnership with 2theloo?

Does your business supply new, environmentally friendly materials? Or are you a designer with ideas that can make a toilet visit even more relaxing? Then why not become a partner of 2theloo.

At 2theloo, we are always open to new contacts, so let’s see what we can do for each other. Please complete the contact form or make an appointment here.

Contact with 2theloo?

Would you like to know more about our products and services? Do you need to contact our customer support team or do you have a complaint? Please send us a message using our contact form or call us directly on +31 (0) 85 01 61 222. You are also welcome to drop in at our office. You can plan your visit here.

How we work with our partners?

For new partners, we always start off with an introduction meeting to find out what they want and what is possible at their location. Next we present our plans. Once these have been approved, a project plan will be drawn up and the facilities will be installed. After a final check to make sure that the facilities provided correspond with what was agreed, the facilities can be handed over. Want to explore what’s in it for you? Then, let’s explore the potential together by submitting the following contact form.

Existing Partnerships

We are currently active in over 200 locations in twelve countries. We are the market leader in clean and hygienic public toilets and without our partners, we would not be where we are today. We have established successful long-term partnerships with SNCF, Total Energies Belgium, Shell, Adif and others. Would you like to partner with 2theloo? Please contact us here.


Our journey began in 2011 with the ‘toilet shop’ in Kalverstraat in Amsterdam, but that was just the start. By continuing to innovate in our products and services, we have expanded to over 200 locations in twelve countries. This map shows all our current locations.

All these locations are managed from one of our service centers in Amsterdam, Paris or Barcelona. You can find our office addresses here.

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