Employee Spotlight: Thierry Gallo de Haro | Operations Manager Belgium

Employee Stories
June 20, 2024

An Inspiring Journey: Thierry Gallo de Haro's professional growth with 2theloo

Meet Thierry Gallo de Haro, the driving force behind 2theloo's operations in Belgium. Since joining the company, Thierry has leveraged his extensive experience in operations, trade, and client relations to build and enhance 2theloo's presence within NMBS stations. In this interview, Thierry shares his journey, responsibilities, challenges, and what makes 2theloo a great place to work.

How did your adventure at 2theloo begin, and what attracted you to your current position?

My trip began with two exceptional human encounters: those with our Head of Operations and our COO, followed by a fantastic team in Amsterdam. My central role in daily management became immediately apparent. The challenge presented to me was significant: to collaboratively build 2theloo's activity within our NMBS project in Belgium. Drawing upon my experience in operations, trade, and client relations as an entrepreneur and project manager across various sectors, I was drawn to my current position due to its autonomy and the trust it entailed. We had a market to create, necessitating site development, renovation, team building, and the strengthening of our relationship with NMBS.

Can you tell us more about your responsibilities within the company?

I am responsible for all operations at our sites located in NMBS stations throughout Belgium, which entails planning and controlling operational processes. Team management is a significant aspect of my role. My main tasks include:

  • Supervising daily operations;
  • Managing human, financial, and material resources required for operations;
  • Developing and implementing operational strategies in collaboration with our teams at the Amsterdam headquarters;
  • Ensuring quality and compliance with 2theloo standards;
  • Managing relationships with clients and suppliers;
  • Problem-solving: identifying and swiftly resolving issues by collaborating with team members to find effective solutions;
  • Analysing performance in terms of quality and planning, always in collaboration with our internal teams.

What is your biggest challenge in your current role?

My greatest challenge is to consolidate teams and prioritise customer satisfaction by providing optimal services tailored to our high-quality standards. This entails not only establishing strong and well-coordinated teams but also developing solutions that precisely meet our customers' expectations.

Looking back on your experience at 2theloo so far, what are you most proud of?

I take immense pride in having contributed to the construction and enhancement of our operational processes and the formation of exceptional teams in the field. This hard work has not only bolstered our operational efficiency but also fostered an environment where every team member can flourish and excel in their role. Collaborating closely with my colleagues, I've witnessed the tangible results of our efforts, which fills me with satisfaction.

In your opinion, what makes 2theloo a great place to work?

Our company, despite its many years of market experience, maintains the dynamic spirit characteristic of startups/scale-ups. We are constantly seeking improvement, questioning our practices to better adapt to consumer demands, and bringing forth new innovations. This approach drives us to creatively introduce new concepts, thereby staying aligned with market developments and the evolving needs of our customers.

The most important question: who is your favourite superhero, and why?

I don't have just one hero but many. My heroes are the individuals, whether anonymous or not, who work tirelessly every day, whether in the shadows or in the limelight, to deliver quality service at our sites. Their dedication and commitment are the cornerstone of our success, as they tirelessly strive day in and day out to meet our customers' needs.